CMS-T333 4-Line/12-Char Full Matrix Display

The CMS-T333 from American Signal Company represents the latest advances in ALL-LED sign and highway safety technology. This ALL-LED, Full Matrix, Graphics capable display, utilizing 30 degree ITE Amber LEDs, combines American Signal Company’s SOLR™ Primary Power System with our high quality trailer to give you the lowest cost and most effective portable/changeable message sign available today.

• Full Matrix 28 Rows x 50 Columns
• 1, 2, 3, or 4 line messages
• Graphics and Animations
• 13” to 53” Characters
• Up to 12 Characters per line
• 11 Font sizes
• Minimum 30 day battery run time
• NTCIP Compliant

• Cellular (CDMA / IXRTT, GSM / GPRS)
• WiFi
• Landline or Ethernet (TCP / IP) Options
• Radar Overspeed Detection
• Queue Detection
• VoiceStar™ Highway Advisory Radio
• AIMSTAR™ Adjustable Solar Assembly
• Graphic User Interface Software
• Vehicle Data Logging Capability
• Expanded solar / battery bank

• This Full Matrix Display gives you the power to deliver information via larger text and full sign sized graphics.
• Legibility distance over twelve hundred feet (1200’).
• Over 200 factory pre-programmed MUTCD compliant messages.
• 11 character fonts with character heights from 13” to 53”.
• Our LED design provides outstanding legibility in all weather conditions, with wide angle visibility.