Upgrades and Updates

The Upgrades and Updates page is under construction. Please check back soon for updates!


American Signal Company’s WebbExpress firmware (WX) has set the industry benchmark for ease-of-use, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and NTCIP compliance. Since WX has become our standard message sign firmware our partners have noticed a significant savings in time and money that was once dedicated to sign operations and maintenance.

Have you acquired Amsig signs manufactured since 2012? They likely uses WX, which allows for OTA updates and the greatest level of NTCIP compliance in the portable message sign industry.

Do you have older Amsig signs? They can likely be upgraded to the WX firmware with a small and simple hardware kit. You can achieve NTCIP communication compatibility and the same operator benefits of our latest model signs with a WX upgrade. Contact our Service Department today for more information!

Would you like to learn more about WX, NTCIP, or the upgrade process? Check out why you should upgrade to WX, or contact us to let us know how we can serve you!